digging myself a deeper hole

Mar 24
Mar 24
Mar 03

I wish looking at the past didn’t hurt so bad….

Dec 25

The walls between
You and I
Always pushing us apart nothing left but scars fight after fight

Dec 19

Why do I have to have such bad paranoia?… :’/

Dec 16

Counting stars wishing I was okay
Crashing down was my biggest mistake
I never ever ever meant to hurt you
I only did what I had to
Counting stars again

Dec 16
Dec 16
Dec 15

I don’t wanna get better. I don’t wanna stop hurting myself..

Dec 11


Trying to let the music drown out my negative thoughts…

Nov 11

One day..

scissors will be for paper again…

Nov 02
Nov 02
Nov 02
Nov 02